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The world is moving at a never-been-seen pace; supply chains are evolving rapidly, last-mile deliveries are looking for new ways of optimizing, and artificial intelligence will soon become quintessential to warehouse management. As a business in the supply chain or manufacturing industry, delivering exceptional experiences to your customers and partners is of paramount importance. Want to stay ahead of the curve? Wish to know what the future of the sector looks like? How the best of the best in the industry anticipate emerging trends & technologies? Welcome to MODEX 2024!  

MODEX 2024 is a premier supply chain event set to take place from March 11-14 at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta. A true beacon for industry professionals & enthusiasts seeking to unwrap the future of manufacturing and supply chain operations.  

At Linfa Systems Solutions, we are excited to be a key exhibitor, ready to showcase our cutting-edge, tailored solutions, a true testament to our commitment to umpteen businesses in the supply chain and manufacturing sectors. As attendees explore the vast array of exhibits and educational sessions, we look forward to connecting with industry experts, thought leaders and businesses like yours aspiring for excellence.

What To Expect At MODEX 2024

MODEX 2024 event is a melting pot of the best minds in the supply chain and manufacturing industries who seek to understand, dissect, and enrich it with emerging technologies and trends. It will take place from March 11-14, 2024, at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta. MODEX offers a unique platform to explore the full spectrum of current innovations and future trends, enabling businesses to future-proof their supply chains for years to come. The keynote speakers include Bill Seward, President of UPS Supply Chain Solutions, sharing his insights about leading trends like nearshoring and digitization and lessons learned from the front line of the supply chain landscape, GERD LEONHARD, CEO, The Futures Agency and Founder, The Good Future Project, discussing the impact of AI, digitization, and decarbonization on the future of supply chains, and a heart-to-heart talk from the Academy-Award-nominated actor, Jeremy Renner, among other prominent voices. 

Why Attend MODEX 2024?

MODEX 2024 is a premier event with much to offer its attendees. By attending it, you and your company have many opportunities & advantages to unlock.

Unparalleled Networking Opportunities 

Meet and network with industry peers from the U.S. and around the globe to share insights, learn from others’ experiences, and forge new business relationships.

Connect with Leading Providers

With over 900 of the leading providers in attendance, you’ll have the chance to see the latest efficiency-enhancing and cost-cutting equipment and technology solutions in action. This direct access can help take your supply chain performance and agility to the next level. 

Comprehensive Learning Experience

Benefit from 150+ free education sessions and powerful keynotes delivered by industry leaders. These sessions cover key industry trends and innovations, offering practical solutions and transformative insights for your manufacturing and supply chain operations.

Discover Cutting-Edge Solutions

MODEX 2024 is the place to discover the latest manufacturing, distribution, and supply chain innovations. Whether you’re looking to cut costs, maximize efficiencies, improve visibility, or reduce risk, you’ll find practical solutions to complex problems.

Free Admission

Attending the exhibits and conference sessions at MODEX 2024 is free. The event truly stands out by making it accessible for businesses of all sizes to gain valuable insights and stay ahead of industry trends without the barrier of entry fees.

Educational Opportunities

Apart from the main sessions, you can also explore seminars, keynotes, and educational partner events that provide deeper dives into specific topics. These are designed to equip you with the knowledge to implement innovations into your operations successfully.

Real-World Case Studies and Best Practices

Learn from success stories and practical solutions presented through real-world case studies. Discover best practices and management trends that can help you navigate the challenges of the manufacturing and supply chain industry. 

Why Stop By Linfa Systems’ Booth?

Experience the future of logistics firsthand at our booth #A9729! Discover how our innovative WMS and TMS solutions can transform your operations with cutting-edge features like:

3D Load Planning

Witness the power of advanced load planning technology that optimizes space and maximizes efficiency in your warehouse.

Intelligent Barcode Scanning

Explore our intelligent barcode scanning capabilities that streamline inventory management and reduce errors.

OCR Recognition

Witness OCR recognition in action, revolutionizing data capture and enhancing accuracy in document processing.

Customer Portal 

Learn how our customer portal empowers your clients with real-time visibility into their orders, enhancing communication and satisfaction.

Integrated Freight

Experience seamless integration with freight services, simplifying shipping processes and reducing costs.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to see these features and more in action! Visit our booth and unlock the potential of your logistics operations.


Here’s the resource if you wish to learn more or explore the many options to register for the event. We will see you at the Linfa Systems exhibit. 

Together, let’s transform your biggest challenges into your greatest accomplishments. 

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Glimpse The Future Of Supply Chain At MODEX 2024