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5 Benefits E-commerce Businesses Can Reap With TBO4 WMS For Acumatica 

While still one of the most exponentially growing sectors, e-commerce has many challenges to overcome and much to conquer. Order fulfillment, positive customer experience, brand building, customer loyalty, regulations, cybersecurity, delivery, order management, warehouse management… it’s an endless to-do list. Overstocking, product wastage, and reconciliation errors remain at the top of concerns, and we all know it’s a tricky maze to navigate. 

Technology and automation make many things move faster, with fewer errors and mistakes. Today, we look at one crucial lever of the e-commerce ecosystem- Warehouse management. We will examine how e-commerce businesses can benefit from a TBO4 WMS For Acumatica. 

What is Acumatica?

Acumatica is a business management solution that enables companies to have efficient workflows, mitigate risk, and identify business drivers & deterrents. This open platform has APIs that help to integrate seamlessly with diverse software and applications. A business owner also gets insights from data, reports, and analysis to make the right decisions. 

The benefits the platform brings to a business are immense. What are these? Let’s find out!

5 Benefits E-commerce Can Reap With TBO4 WMS For Acumatica 

Let’s understand the scenarios of a business working with and without TBO4 WMS For Acumatica so that you can know if this is the right tool for your e-commerce business. 

1. Order Fulfillment

Order fulfillment refers to the product lifecycle from purchase to delivery. In another sense, it begins when a customer orders, and the business processes and delivers it. It also encompasses all supporting activities that make this process smooth and successful, including inventory management. 

An e-commerce shop must manually process the order, cross-check the stock availability, reconcile the product IDs, and run the risk of order delays. This may be manageable initially for small businesses with limited inventory but a nightmare when scaling up.

TBO4 WMS For Acumatica automates and optimizes the entire process of order fulfillment. The platform looks into the available stock and automatically sets the processing and delivery in motion. The instances of errors are drastically reduced with automation at the helm.  

2. Real-time Inventory Management

Inventory management refers to the careful structuring and maintenance of stocks/products. This enables e-commerce owners to ascertain the availability of a particular product and the number that has been sold and make predictions about future sales. 

This again becomes a manual process where the employees of the e-commerce business go through one product after the other for stock-keeping and maintaining records. The instances of error are larger, naturally. It becomes time-consuming to analyze the performance of various products and anticipate the amount to re-order should customers flock in to buy more.

Business owners get real-time, detailed data on the inventory. The tool helps identify the top-selling and lowest-selling products, enabling business owners to re-order the right products and avoid overstocking and understocking. 

3. Integration With New Tools

As a business grows, new tools and equipment are required to keep pace. It becomes pertinent for existing applications and tools to have the capabilities to not only scale in parallel but also to integrate seamlessly with new tools that may enter the ecosystem.  

A bunch of tools that perform exceptionally well individually but bring about absolute chaos when it comes to working in conjunction with each other. The billing software processes new orders when the inventory has run out of products entirely, leading to confusion and extreme customer agitation. 

The APIs and other functionalities of the platform make it easy for this warehouse management system to integrate seamlessly with other software to enable a smooth flow overall. This unified system ensures data flow happens without breaks and alerts, and syncing reaches every other system for every new update.

4. Order Volumes, Business Scaling

As a business scales, the volume of orders increases, and being prepared for this change is the best way to tackle it effectively. 

Operational bottlenecks pile up, order delays dampen customer satisfaction, and customers’ possibility to return decreases dramatically. The Net Promoter Score [NPS] typically falls flat when customers have a poor journey. This also puts a heavy load on the employees to run from pillar to post to make things work. 

Keeping up with the growing number of orders is simple for TBO4 WMS For Acumatica. It consolidates data and makes it available for analysis in real time. Any delays can be communicated well in advance to customers. 

5. Managing Returns

A customer has a zillion reasons to return a product. According to Invesp, in a survey conducted, “92% of consumers said that they will buy again if product return process is easy whereas 79% of consumers want free return shipping.” Having robust product return & delivery systems is essential for attracting and retaining new customers. 

Manually going through each return, verifying the authenticity, and scheduling it is nothing short of a nightmare. This piles onto the regular orders & shipping and affects the overall functioning of the e-commerce business.

The entire process becomes transparent and efficient with a lending hand of automation. Customers can enjoy a faster, smoother return process, and businesses, in turn, can identify patterns and trends to work toward reducing return rates.

Linfa System Solutions: The Right Solution For Your Business

  • Enjoy the features of TBO4 WMS, including.
    • Barcode scanning and label printing capabilities
    • Automated picking, packing, and shipping processes
    • Integration with major shipping carriers
    • Advanced reporting and analytics
    • Real-time inventory tracking and management
  • Get a tailored WMS solution for your business that solves problems and brings ROI. At Linfa System Solutions, we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. 
  • Enjoy all the benefits of a WMS without the inherent hassles and associated high costs. 
  • Leverage our cloud-based architecture that ensures a highly scalable WMS, improving control and increasing efficiency. 
  • Protect your data with Linfa System’s robust security measures, such as data encryption, secure user authentication, and regular system updates.
  • Get a comprehensive Audit Trail for all operations. 

Let’s get in touch and discuss how to reduce costs for your business. 

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