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Digital Transformation at it’s best with TBO4 proof of delivery for Sap B1

TBO4 WMS and TMS provided supply chain excellence with the proof of delivery for SAP Business One and streamlined all the in warehouse operations for Chariot Plumbing Supply.

Challenges and Opportunities 

  • Provide a stable WMS platform fully integrated with SAP Business One, hosted on the current SAP partner cloud infrastructure;
  • Flexible web based solution that works from any device;
  • Accurate Proof of delivery, able to easily capture signature, up to 30 photos and barcode validation of every item that has been delivered on site;
  • Full integration with SAP Business One to avoid double handling;
  • Custom label printing on receiving and picking;

Value-Driven Results

  • Digital transformation, cut down dramatically on paperwork.
  • Proof of Delivery, with digital signature and up to 30 photos;
  • Load Truck function;
  • Custom Label printing on every stage of the WMS process;
  • Improved process and communication between sales and warehouse staff;
  • Pick list can be prioritized based on customer needs and visibility of order status in real time;
  • Allows customer scalability with SAP Business One;
  • Full visibility of inventory levels and stock movements in real time;
  • Advanced technology at an effective cost;

Why Linfa Systems

“Linfa Systems crushed the competition in advanced warehouse and delivery solutions of all the WMS systems we reviewed. The implementation team form Linfa Systems and The RIC Group provided a phenomenal launch and I cannot recommend them enough.”

“TBO4 helped our business tremendously by providing a fully modern and working WMS system within the SAP platform.”

Jon Aird, Chariot Plumbing Supply

Success Story

Chariot Plumbing Supply and Design was established in 2004 in Salt Lake City. In the beginning, we sold our sinks out of the back of a car and over the next decade we have rapidly grown into one of the largest distributors in Utah. Through all of our growth, one thing has remained- our desire to provide our customers with a completely unique experience 100% catered to them

Chariot Plumbing Supply and Design was looking for a way to improve its last-mile delivery operations. The company was using a paper-based system for proof of delivery, so decided to implement a digital proof of delivery solution using TBO4 Warehouse Management System (WMS).

Linfa Systems allowed Chariot to automate the proof of delivery process. Drivers now use TBO4 to scan the barcode on the customer’s order, and the WMS automatically creates a proof of delivery document in SAP B1 that records:

  • Signature
  • Up to 50 photos
  • Geotag of where the good has been delivered
  • Audit of every scan at the customer site

The digital proof of delivery solution has several benefits. First, it has improved the accuracy of its last-mile delivery operations. Second, it has reduced the amount of time it takes to process deliveries or claims for lost items. Third, it has improved customer service and satisfaction.

Chariot is now able to deliver orders more accurately and efficiently than ever before. The digital proof of delivery solution has helped to improve its last-mile delivery operations and provide a better customer experience.

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