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How to effectively treat environmental, social and governance issues, collectively known as ‘ESG,’ is shaping up to be one of the most significant agendas of our time. Major commitments are being made in company boardrooms, but the ESG mandate is challenging for many companies to embrace. As businesses organize around their ESG commitments, Linfa systems take sustainability issues seriously, making sure that technologies and services we procure can directly support our own strategies.


pounds of CO2 Removed in
the atmosphere from
each tree


olive oil production
reduced from xylella


years old olives trees
to protect

close a deal, adopt a tree, save the environment

At Linfa systems we rise innovations, caring about the environment. When a customer commits to us we donate an adopted olive oil tree in Puglia (Italy). This initiative will sustain farmers to replant new olive oil trees, in order fight deforestation caused form the Xylella virus and reducing the world carbon footprint.


In the last 5 years, over 21 million olive trees have disappeared, destroyed by Xylella virus and over 5,000 olive growers have lost fields, jobs and traditions, reducing the production of Salento oil by 80%.

To Counter Climate Change globally

Over the past 5 years, the pollution rate has increased by 8%. Each hectare of olive trees removes 9.5 tons of CO2 from the atmosphere every year. That is about 730 Kg of CO2 per year for each tree.

To REBUILD our valuable territory

We help olive growers to return to the fields. We inject strength and confidence into their hearts. Let’s rebuild Puglia and offset the world CO2 emissions by planting new olive trees.

01 – JOIN US, rise life

Linfa systems adopts one or more olive trees, for each and every new customer, who will be also choosing the tree name. For each tree adopted, we will also plant a new one that can be adopted by someone else.

02 – Get your certificate

Immediately receive a unique certificate of adoption and the farmer can take care of the management of the tree in all serenity, thanks to your own contribution to the environment.. We will also send picture of the olive tree adopted with the name tag and company name. Our healthy garden will grow just as your business will.

03 – check PROGRESS

Every year you have the opportunity to receive the BIO EVO Oil produced from your tree and an indication of the amount of CO2 that you have subtracted from the environment

Visit our earth saving olive tree garden learn more about the project and the Xylella, discover how to adopt more trees in salento at

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