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Operational Efficiency with TBO4 WMS to be Ready for Black Friday Sale

A worker verifying stocks in a warehouse.

Company Overview: Rule One Proteins, based in Illinois, United States, stands apart with four decades of manufacturing expertise, distinguishing itself in the competitive sports nutrition supplements market. With a visionary focus on being the world’s premier nutritional supplement brand, Rule One Proteins boasts a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility spanning 250,000 square feet. Complementing this, a newly inaugurated 90,000 square foot distribution center ensures swift processing, delivery, and order tracking.

Challenges: Rule One Proteins sought to streamline its warehouse operations, enhance order processing, and prepare for the upcoming Black Friday sales event.

Solution: Engaging with The RIC Group and Linfa Systems, our trusted distribution partner, Rule One Proteins embarked on a comprehensive transformation journey. Linfa Systems provided end-to-end support, from blueprinting and deployment to training and Go-Live assistance.

Leveraging our Intelligent Phased Implementation approach, Rule One Proteins were able to Go Live in as little as three months (from August 2022 to October 2022). Things are now ready for the Black Friday sales.

Implementation Highlights:

  • Efficient Deployment: The seamless integration of TBO4 with SAP Business One, hosted separately on an Azure server, allowed for a swift and efficient deployment process.
  • Owner Involvement: Within just three months, Rule One Proteins achieved Go-Live status. Remarkably, the business owner personally experienced the system’s capabilities by picking an order from the warehouse within a week of implementation.
  • Prepared for Black Friday: With the streamlined processes and optimized warehouse workflows, Rule One Proteins is now well-prepared to navigate the challenges of the upcoming Black Friday sales.

Efficiency Improvements: The implementation of Linfa Systems’ TBO4 WMS resulted in significant efficiency improvements for Rule One Proteins:

  • Order Processing Time: Reduced order processing time by 30%, ensuring swift fulfillment and improved customer satisfaction.
  • Inventory Accuracy: Achieved a 25% improvement in inventory accuracy, minimizing errors and enhancing overall operational reliability.
  • Training Impact: The user-friendly interface and robust training programs contributed to a 40% reduction in onboarding time for warehouse staff.

Conclusion: Rule One Proteins, fueled by TBO4 WMS, has successfully optimized its warehouse operations, achieving rapid Go-Live and fortifying its readiness for the holiday sales peak. The collaborative efforts showcase the power of innovative solutions in driving operational excellence, ensuring Rule One Proteins continues to stand at the forefront of the sports nutrition supplements industry.

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