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Revolutionizing Logistics: TBO4’s 3D Load Planning Integration with EasyCargo

In the fast-paced world of logistics, efficiency is paramount. At Linfa Systems , we understand the challenges businesses face in optimizing their supply chain processes. That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce our cutting-edge solution – the integration of The Ric Group TBO4 with EasyCargo’s 3D loading software, bringing a new dimension to load planning.

Effortless 3D Visualization:

Our supply chain solution, TBO4, seamlessly integrates with EasyCargo to provide users with an easy, visual representation of their load plans in 3D. This advanced technology revolutionizes the traditional approach to load planning, offering unparalleled precision and control.

Streamlining Operations with TBO4 Integration:

The integration with TBO4 introduces a host of features that redefine how businesses approach load planning:

  • Run Management Process: Users can effortlessly complete the Run Management process, ensuring a smooth sequence and route optimization.
  • Load Truck Feature: The Load Truck feature allows for efficient 3D Load Plans, offering an interactive view of the entire load plan result.
  • Priority Groups: Easily sort cargo items based on their final destination, providing a customized approach to loading.
  • Step-by-Step Load Report: TBO4 generates a comprehensive step-by-step load report, offering insights into the loading process.
  • Weight Distribution Compliance: Verify compliance with weight distribution regulations to ensure that loads adhere to permitted limits.

Enhancing Efficiency with Priority Groups:

Our 3D load planning doesn’t stop at visualization; it introduces priority groups for cargo items based on their final destination. Users can define vehicles, containers, and pallets, allowing for a meticulous and efficient loading process.

Access and Verification with TBO4:

All information generated during the load planning process is seamlessly accessible within TBO4, our Warehouse Management Solution. This ensures a centralized hub for monitoring and optimizing your supply chain operations.

Experience the Future of Load Planning:

To learn more about how our advanced 3D load planning can transform your logistics operations, feel free to email our team for further information.

At Linfa Systems we believe in pushing the boundaries of technology to empower businesses for a more efficient and connected future in logistics.

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