Our best of breed solution can be tailored to your needs and is device agnostic

Our WMS provides a turnkey solution of industries such as FMCG (fast moving consumer goods), catch weight grocery food and beverage, wholesale and distribution, manufacturing.

The WMS uses a loosely coupled architecture to keep the core clean and a RestAPI to support the multi cloud world. Our cloud based architecture ensures our WMS is highly scalable, improves control and increases efficiency.

OUR Technology

  • Our BYOD solution operates thru web browser
  • Runs on any device such as rugged PDA, mobile phones, tablets or laptops
  • Designed for the Cloud
  • Multilingual and role based security
  • Comprehensive Audit Trail for all operations
  • Organic data using the information from your ERP
  • Real-time integration with ERP
  • Full power of mobility and supply chain analytics
  • Rest API for integrations
  • oAuth2 authentication
  • SaaS pricing
  • System Directed Put-away
  • ​Kitting and License Plating
  • ​Generate system batch code
  • Purchase Order Request
  • Slotting Optimization
  • Printing labels in Goods Receipt or Put-away
  • Catchweight
  • Bin and warehouse transfers
  • LPN and Bin "Transfer all" feature
  • Stock Adjustment In / Out
  • Physical Inventory Count
  • Stock and Bin Location lookup with printing labels feature
  • Update barcodes in ERP
  • Pick & Pack Manager
  • System Directed Picking
  • Wave Picking and order consolidation
  • LPN Picking
  • Barcode tracking, scanning and verification with complete audit
  • Batch Lot
  • Serial
  • ​Catch Weight
  • SSCC labels
  • SSCC configuration (type, weight and dimensions)
  • Creation of multiple SSCC at once
  • Close Box Functionality
  • EDI label printing for most retailers ​
  • Pick List form Production Order
  • Receipt from production
  • Issue to production
  • Freight Management
  • Run Management
  • Route optimization
  • Load Truck function
  • Run manifest
  • Proof of Delivery
  • Power BI integration for real-time dashboards and​ dynamic KPIs
  • Crystal Reports
  • Open SQL database with schema provided
  • ​Bin location heat map
  • Rest API
  • Efficiency measurements
  • ​Metrics reporting

OUR ERP certified integrations

  • SAP Business One
    • Rest API for integration with SAP Business One HANA and SQL via Service Layer
    • Certified with SAP Business One HANA
    • Certified with SAP Business One SQL
  • SAP ByDesign
    • Rest API for integration with SAP ByDesign
  • Acumatica
    • RestAPI for integration
    • Certified with Acumatica 2021R1
    • Certified with Acumatica 2020R2
    • Certified with Acumatica 2019R2
    • Certified with Acumatica 2018R2
  • Sage300
    • Rest API for integration with Sage 300 and Orchid bin tracker
  • Microsoft Business Central
    • Use of oAuth2.0 and azure identity.

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